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The exponential growth of data, increasing attack vectors, stringent regulatory requirements and a shortage of skilled personnel have made cyber security a dynamic, everyday concern. Attackers will never stop trying to take advantage of your organization’s vulnerabilities. As long as threats exist, you need an effective security program to counteract them.


The speed at which hackers are creating new techniques is unprecedented, which means that your security strategy needs to evolve just as aggressively. Yet, the complex evolution of security solutions designed to address various threats has made developing and managing your security posture progressively more challenging—there are more tools available than can be counted. Perimeter security has all but disappeared as mobility, cloud, third-party access, digital workspaces, and the IoT are completely changing the nature of the threat universe.


iSoft Solutions offers a holistic, vendor-independent approach to assessing threats, providing best-of-breed products and services to help organizations understand how they are being targeted, and invest in the right set of countermeasures. We offer complimentary technical Security Architecture Reviews that identify gaps and provide specific and actionable recommendations for remediation. In these collaborative sessions, our expert consultants will help you evaluate your security controls, identify areas that may require additional attention, and prioritize remediation efforts.


In order to optimize and secure your environment, you have to understand how it operates within a data center—addressing a single component isn’t enough. The iSoft promise to you is that we’ll be the security integrator who treats your environment all-inclusively.


If your security partner doesn’t understand the technologies and synergistic operations of today’s data environment, then how can you expect them to provide the advice and support you need to secure your data.

iSoft Solutions Security Solution

You need a security partner who can provide current, practical advice in developing,implementing, and optimizing your security posture.

iSoft Solutions provides leading-edge technology solutions, expert implementation and advisory services, comprehensive managed services and proven methodologies backed by customized testing. We help to advance your security program and optimize your overall IT risk management strategy so that you can protect your data, your intellectual property, and your brand.

Our portfolio centers on the fundamental elements of an effective security program, helping organizations leverage the cloud to boost agility, increase competitiveness, and innovate faster than ever before.


Strengthen your first line of defense against sophisticated threats. Our solutions and services help you gain comprehensive visibility into network traffic based on applications, users and content, remove malicious traffic while maintaining the delivery of legitimate business flows, and securely manage IoT devices.

Data & Application

Protect your information assets against mistakes that lead to data leaks and intentional misuse by insiders, as well as external attacks on your information infrastructure. We help you protect data no matter where it is stored, used, or transmitted and secure applications and databases that contain sensitive information.

Intelligence & Analytics

Arm yourself with the tactical, operational and strategic insights you need to understand how you are being targeted, and establish appropriate countermeasures. We offer comprehensive services and continuous monitoring solutions to help you streamline security operations with automation and respond to, remediate, and ultimately anticipate and prevent threats to your business.

Threat & Vulnerability Management

Address your vulnerabilities and protect against threats. We facilitate the development of an effective threat and vulnerability management program, pushing upon your security practices to help you continuously find, prioritize, and remediate vulnerabilities. Our expert professional services and technology solutions help to determine whether you have been compromised, and take new approaches to limiting dwell time and remediating intrusions.

Identity & Access Management

Securely connect users to distributed services and deliver accountability and transparency of access to the business. Our IAM solutions and services promote capabilities that span internal and cloud-based services,enhancing end-user experience while ensuring that only the right people have access to the right assets, at the right time and for the right reasons.

Program Strategy & Operations

Manage your organization’s digital risk and compliance profile. We help you evaluate your program against established cybersecurity frameworks, keep up with evolving data protection and privacy regulations, augment staff, set policy, and develop and execute a cohesive strategy for extending security throughout your supply chain.

Managed Security

  • Device Management
  • Monitoring
  • Log Correlation
  • Moves, Adds & Changes
  • Incident Response
  • 7×24 US Based Helpdesk
  • Redundant SOC/NOC

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