Enterprise Email & Collaboration

Project Name: GSA Collaborative Mail System
Client: Ghana Standards Authority
Project Commencement Date: June, 2015
Project Completion Date: June, 2015
Project url: www.gsa.gov.gh

Ghana Standards Authority

Ghana Standards Authority is an Agency of the Government responsible for developing, publishing and promoting standards in the country. It does this through standardization, metrology and comformity assessment activities.



Replace a complicated mixed solution of gmail, yahoo, hotmail accounts with individual names with one consolidated FOSS solution for improved usability for end-users and admins on a dedicated domain “gsa.gov.gh”.

Ghana Standards Authority was using a mix of free public email services like gmail, yahoo, ymail and hotmail. Email account were under the names of individuals and no domain name. This approach made it difficult or virtually impossible to manage corporate emails.


Replaced isolated public email service with Zimbra Open Source Edition.

Ghana Standards Authority deployed Zimbra with the help of iSoft Solutions Limited, a Zimbra Partner, and Zimbra is now running on over 500 mailboxes. Mr. Bedu-Addo said, “iSoft technicians were very well versed in the Zimbra platform and made a complex process less stressful for everyone.”


Ghana Standards Authority (GSA) implemented Zimbra Collaboration and Zimbra Talk for about 670 mailboxes with Zimbra’s local partner, iSoft Solutions. GSA is optimistic that Zimbra’s friendly interface will lead to adoption of Zimbra Collaboration’s advanced features. Zimbra Mobile offers GSA’s users anywhere and anytime access to their emails.
Zimbra Desktop is another component that the GSA team is promoting to their end users. Use of the Zimbra Desktop client:

  • Saves costs by reducing Outlook licensing.
  • Provides off-line access to mail for the end users.
  • Includes an auto-archive feature that helps users manage their quotas.
  • Is available for Windows, MAC or Linux

“The web and mobile platforms also gave our users the flexibility to work in offline modes and access necessary documents via Zimbra Briefcase,” Mr. Striggner Bedu-Addo, Head of IT  at Ghana Standard Authority added.