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What is IT Management?

IT Management is the coordination of resources, systems, platforms, people, and environments to help you improve speed, scale, and provide stability across your organization.

Operations management for today's IT

Using the same old tools and practices to deploy and manage innovative apps and infrastructure isn’t enough. Collaboration, hybrid platforms, and ongoing digital transformation must be the default state for management solutions as operations adopts more agile processes for IT and business groups. iSoft understand that ops are a process, not a department. Adopting this operational mindset-and choosing the right tools-creates a solid foundation for DevOps, cloud, and container initiatives across your organization.

Understanding IT Management

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What is cloud management?

Cloud management is a concept that means a user has control over everything that operates in a cloud: the data, applications, and services. The management tools themselves, which generally run as platforms, are the software used to manage those data, applications, and services. These tools are used to ensure that the cloud-computing resources are running efficiently and securely, while accessible to everyone (or everything) that needs them. Basically, cloud management platforms exist so that anything running in a cloud—public, private, or hybrid—actually works, and works well.

Why choose iSoft Solutions?

iSoft undertakes a lot of work within management technologies. Our engineers help improve features, reliability, and security to make sure your IT infrastructure performs well, while remaining stable and secure.

Collaboration is the freedom to ask questions and offer improvements-that’s the open source way and the power to the open organization. it’s why iSoft has been a trusted provider of enterprise infrastructure over the years.